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Pour a cuppa, pull up a chair and find out about me and how I can help you ...


My name is Charlie Albers, I am a SAG-E award nominated, British born voice actor, born and raised near Bath / Bristol, but now based outside of NYC, where I voice for clients globally from my professionally built, pro standard home studio, which I built last year and which has an amazing -75DB noise floor *chefs kiss*. Check out my equipment below. Photos & video to come soon (ish). 

I pride myself on wonderful customer service, I work well under pressure, am super easy to work with and great to direct but also perfectly happy to self direct and make decisions on the fly. 

Aside from voice acting, I am a mum of three, I love to horse-ride, ski, snowboard, practice yoga and dance; I trained with the Royal Academy of Dance in ballet from the age of 2. 

Fun fact... I studied for my degree in Food Science & Psychology studying in the UK & Holland. I have developed recipes and products for some pretty big food manufacturers and retailers. I love doing anything technical, scientific or medical for commercials and corporate where my reassuring elegant voice fits well.


I have voiced animation, audiobooks, audio dramas, commercials, corporate training, TV and radio promos, voice of god, video games and more. I freelance with some of the biggest agents in the UK, USA & Europe. I voice mainly in my standard neutral British, British RP, or my (slight) Gen Am accent, but I can do a myriad of accents too.

Feel free to reach out and we can chat over a virtual; or if you are near NYC, an actual in real life cuppa.



And How I Can Help You


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Vocal Traits

Articulate, Conversational, Calm, Smooth, Warm, Enticing, Genuine and Nurturing, with a Natural Rasp of Smoky Huskiness.


Authentic British voice actor - voices with authority,  integrity, texture & warmth.

A natural whisper of Welsh and Scottish accent.


6 hour or less turnaround time working weekends to accommodate clients.  
A seamless business partnership, from booking through to completion.

USA based

Authentic Transatlantic / Mid-Atlantic accent


I offer broadcast ready audio from my beautiful professionally built attic isolation home studio. Which includes a wonderful 7ft x 12ft custom isolation / recording room - aka the padded cell - full floor to ceiling GIK style acoustic & professionally built acoustic panels and a large separate editing and camera office adjoining via two acoustic doors.


My Home Studio



Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun

Neumann TLM 103 large condenser 


Adobe Audition CC 


Solid State Logic SSL2+


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 230 OHM

Beyerdynamic 252 Pro

Sennheiser PXC 480



Presonus Eris 3.5 in both studio & office 

Sennheiser Pro Audio IE 40 PRO in ear dynamic monitors


Mogami gold 


27 inch iMac Retina 5K display with 6core Intel i5

27 inch Dell 4k display 


Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Keyboard 


Source Connect Standard, Cleanfeed, Skype, Zoom 

Super speedy hardwired internet

918.5 Mbps download

922.3 Mbps upload

Bodalgo call, or phone patch

Loopback for playback


WAV, MP3, via Dropbox or WE Transfer

Pro Standard Home Studio  | Source Connect Login: Charliealbers