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Let me narrate your podcast, TV documentary, real crime story...


Growing up, watching TV as a kid I can always remember being in awe of the television narrators of documentaries who would bring to life the stories they were telling. I would sit as close as I could pretending I was in the world they were narrating.

Who knew that years later I would be narrating stories for someone else to listen to, and hopefully be equally as awed and enthralled as I was.

Narrating is a genre I love as it uses my vocal stamina but also a real pull of me as a person. Most of the time I am not playing a character, if I am narrating a series or a documentary I am me - telling you the listener a story. And it is important to keep you entertained through my voice not my actions I am merely adding the cherry on the cake, the real star is the show I am narrating and so I am not distracting from that.

But then of course there are times in podcasting, audiobooks or audio dramas, where I am a character - or two, or three... being able to have a toolbox of accents and dialects is key.


Long hours of narrating really pull on my uses my vocal & physical stamina - training gained from years of ballet, rowing and skiing. I think nothing of recording a 17 hour audiobook or play now - easy peasy... with my home studio and my comforts I do this with ease and love every minute!

I love getting the scripts where I am the chief narrator working alongside a co-narrator. It is like a verbal game of table tennis. 

And I love being part of a team. Where we all get to play a part, to make this cake an incredibly tasty one for the listener.

Reach out to me to voice your audiobook, TV series, radio play, audio drama, podcast series or more.



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